Agile platform in Scrum style

Scrum-based Project Management System

What is Scrum Time?

Scrum Time is a Project Management System, a workgroup control tool, a planner, and a task manager all in one. You get it free of charge or for a minimal price.

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1 free project
3 users in a team
Free for members of the project

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Personal license
There are no restrictions on the number of projects
Other project members pay for themselves

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Managing tasks

Managing tasks using a simple and friendly interface.

Complete reports

Burndown chart, team load, number of executed SPs, percentage of sprint execution.

Scrum board

Visualization of the entire workflow on one page.

Google services

Integration with Google Calendar and Google Drive services.

Time control

Track how much you or your team spend time on tasks.


Link to your team directly from the interface or mobile application.

Daily Meeting

Daily work plan

Planning Poker

Effort estimate

User Story

Scrum-board separation on subject blocks

Scrum was invented to better manage projects based on Agile

Three types of projects


Scrum-style dashboard with a limited amount of Scrum features. The Dashboard allows you to overview all the running tasks and their progress. It can be used both with team-based projects and individual ones. The workflow is free and based on self-regulation. The actions are performed by a single move within a user-friendly interface and don't need any instructions.

Scrum Style

Scrum format includes the most important feature – the Dashboard, but it also adds the workflow and personal tasks organization logic. Everything here is built upon Scrum and all the necessary Scrum-tools are included. If you decide to use this type of project, you must understand Scrum terminology: Sprint, Meeting, Story Points, etc.. For this, please refer to Infobase section.


This style get to create new task statuses. It can be used as a basic tool for managing customer relations (CRM). Fixed prices Scrum Time for any styles, give to get an advanced business application for your company at very favorable rates.

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